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July 2018

Building Your Financial Foundation
July 27, 2018 

Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin. In 1888, Helena, Montana had more millionaires per capita than any other city in the world. Bozeman, Montana is 4820 feet above sea level. Random facts, but some things we learned in school don’t impact our daily lives. Answers to other questions feel more relevant: Should I rent or buy my next house?……Is it better to use a credit card or debit card?……What is a 401k?.......What is my credit score?……How do I protect my identity?..... How do I get a mortgage?.....How do I start my small business?
Looking back, it would have been great to learn how to make good financial decisions years ago. While we can’t turn back the clock, there is a free and easy way you can start building your knowledge about money today. First Security Bank is proud to offer the free “Financial Foundations for Adults” program for exactly this purpose. 
The Financial Foundations for Adults program provides accessible, free, online financial literacy education to help you build awareness of key areas related to managing your money. Each topic has an easy step-by-step interactive guide to walk you through the information. It’s a simple way to get started with creating a budget; balancing your check book; saving towards a goal; avoiding overdrafts; using mobile payments like MobilePay; or managing credit cards. You’ll also find straightforward explanation of the auto loan process, opening a checking account, and getting mortgage…there are options for nearly every need.
The topics also extend beyond simply banking. Learn how to: manage your credit score and understand credit reports; protect your identity; evaluate insurance options; finance higher education, and plan for taxes. The new small business education modules provide basics on getting started as an entrepreneur.
Taking 15 to 20 minutes to gain a better understanding of your personal finances is an investment in yourself and your future. First Security Bank truly believes in “Success. Together” and we are excited to be part of your journey.
Oh, and if you ever need to know who how high Old Faithful geyser shoots, it averages 130 feet……