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Business Web Resources

General information about the federal tax laws that apply to sole proprietors and to statutory employees. Businesses can apply for Tax Identification Numbers online.
Montana Secretary of State
Requirements for Montana businesses and access registration forms.
U. S. Small Business Administration
Financial, technical, and management assistance to help start, run, and grow businesses.
Easy-to-follow guides for specific OSHA standards. Free on-site consultation, interactive computer software, and technical information.
Social Security Administration
Information to help employers explain to benefits of Social Security to their employees, instructions and information for filing W-2's, as well as on the benefits of retirement planning.

Montana State University Extension

Offers helpful worksheets, presentations, and webinars for family finance education.  Topics include Estate Planning, Budgeting, Selecting Organizational Structures for Businesses, Setting Saving Goals, Health Savings Accounts, and more.


Helpful Financial Tips

Shortcuts for managing your finances more efficiently using FREE services from First Security Bank.


Paying Bills

You can have recurring bills, like your power or telephone bills, automatically deducted from your account each month for free via ACH. At your request, the company will send your regular statement, then debit your checking or savings account after the statement date. You do nothing and save a stamp, envelope, check blank and trip to the mailbox.

If you have a monthly loan payment, we can take it out of a checking or savings account at First Security or out of an account you may have at another bank. You just saved another stamp, your payment was on time, and you didn’t have to do a thing. There is no charge for the transaction.


Direct Deposit

If your employer offers direct deposit of payroll, sign up! You don’t have to worry about running your payroll check through the washer again, and you save a trip to the bank. There is no charge for direct deposit.


VISA® Debit Cards

Apply for a VISA® Debit Card and use it almost anywhere you would normally write a check. The merchant’s name is listed next to the charge to your account on your monthly statement. You can quickly see where your money is going, and you’ve saved a check blank. There is no charge for the transaction.

Keep your Visa Debit Card with your checkbook. You can write the amount of the withdrawal or charge in your register when you use your card.


ATM Transactions

Save time by depositing your payroll check at one of our full service ATMs and withdraw some cash while you’re there. You can also make a loan payment at any of First Security Bank’s full service ATMs. There is no surcharge to perform these tasks at any of our ATMs.


Avoiding ATM Surcharges

Use your VISA® Debit Card as a debit card anywhere you see the Interlink logo. You can receive cash back just like when you write a check. The merchant’s name is printed on your monthly statement listing the transaction, and you save a check blank. There is no charge for the transaction.


InTouch Telephone Banking

Call InTouch, (406) 585-3801 or (800) 555-3801, our audio access system for account information, to transfer funds, reorder checks, place a stop payment on a check, and more. Just follow the instructions. If you need assistance using InTouch, don’t hesitate to call one of our Customer Service Representatives at your local branch. There is no charge for this service, other than the usual stop payment fees and charge for checks ordered.


Automatic Transfers

Set up an automatic transfer to help you save money. We can schedule regular transfers from your checking or savings account at our bank or another financial institution to your IRA, savings or checking account at First Security Bank. There is no charge for this service. Visit a Customer Service Representatives at your local branch.

Please call one of our Customer Service Representatives at your local branch, or drop by if you would like more information about any of these services.

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