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Extra Credit Checking - Overdraft Protection

Write Your Own Loan

With Extra Credit Checking, you may write your own loan any time you need extra money. It's a pre-approved, personal, unsecured loan to add to your checking account balance if you should overdraw. You'll avoid costly overdraft charges and embarrassing delays. 

  • No declined debit transactions within the approved credit limit.
  • Low $25 annual fee - less than most per-item overdraft fees.
  • 18% APR on outstanding balances

Example: a $300 overdraft paid back within 4 days will only cost $0.59 in interest!

  • Apply online
  • Apply through your online banking account by clicking "Other Services"
  • Visit an Account Specialist ofr Loan Officer at your local branch

Mobile Banking

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Keeping you mobile is what we do, whether on iPhone, Droid, or tablet.  Download the Apple iOS or Android app from the app store under First Security MT

Online Bill Pay

Pay bills with the click of a button – quickly and securely.

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