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What's in a Name

February 08, 2017

Recently, there was a conversation on social media about local banks.  The question arose: is First Security Bank locally owned?  The answer is a resounding YES! 
The confusion is understandable.  Many local banks began in the early 1900’s. Conveying physical safety was paramount to bank founders in the time of Bonnie and Clyde. And with geography limiting the overlap of service areas, bank names with “security” popped up all over with little concern about confusing customers.  In Montana alone, there are six unrelated First Security Banks operating today.  A quick national review brings up at least thirteen different First Security Banks, serving seventeen states.  In both examples, the banks are all under separate ownership with their own unique identities.  None of this counts all the banks that use “security” alone. Having “first” in some combination is a whole ‘nother story!
Today, ease of travel and the internet have made communities across the state and world more connected. Rest assured, when you visit, or see the blue First Security dollar sign logo, you are working with a bank with deep roots in Montana.  Founded in Bozeman in 1919, we have grown to serve southwest Montanans in Bozeman, Belgrade, Three Forks, Big Sky, and West Yellowstone.  You’ll find us in the Golden Triangle with branches in Fort Benton, Fairfield, Choteau, and Vaughn, and Loan Offices in Havre and Chester. Bank ownership lives with shareholders in Gallatin, Chouteau, and Teton counties.  To be clear, we are not affiliated with First Security Bank in Missoula (including Hamilton, Thompson Falls, and other surrounding areas), Helena, Roundup, Malta, Deer Lodge, or Arkansas.
Ultimately, geography is irrelevant with online and mobile banking services. If hometown service with global reach is what you’re after, we’re here to help.