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Users and Rights

The bank will set up one ‘Supervisor’ for each company. The Supervisor is responsible for setting up all company users and managing their rights. The following information outlines each tab of the User Policy. Click Save in the upper right corner to save the User Policy before navigating elsewhere.

Overview Tab – Lists all of the Transaction Types and limits available to the company. Click any Transaction Type to Enable/Disable the Transaction Type for the selected user.
  • Rights Tab – Select the appropriate Rights for this user for the selected Transaction Type
  • Approval Limits Tab – Set Approval Limits up to the maximum amounts. Contact bank to increase maximum customer limits
Features Tab – Lists the Rights to eBanking Features for this user.
  • *Manage Templates – User can create new Templates of any Transaction Type, edit and delete any existing Templates
  • *Manage Recipients – User can create, edit and delete Recipients
  • Manage Subsidiaries – User can create, edit and delete Subsidiaries
  • *Can View All Recipients – User can view all Recipients for one-time Payments
  • Manage Users – User can add and delete users and edit Transaction Types, features and accounts for any user.
  • Statement Image – User can view statement images
  • *Allow one-time recipients – User can add a Recipient for one-time Payments (Recipient will not be saved)
  • Loan Payments Form – User can make Loan Payments
  • Enable Same Day ACH Credits – User can make expedited Same Day ACH Credits (fee applies)
  • Enable Same Day ACH Debits – User can make expedited Same Day ACH Debits (fee applies)
  • Enable Same Day ACH Payroll – User can make expedited Same Day ACH Payroll Credits (fee applies)
Features indicated with an asterisk (*) should be enabled for users who send and edit Templates.

Accounts Tab – Lists the Rights this User has to Accounts set up for eBanking. NOTE: If the user has ‘Manage Users’ Feature, then they could grant themselves rights to all accounts.
  • View – View rights allow the user to View the account information
  • – User can transfer funds into the account or initiate Collections Payments
  • – User can transfer funds out of the account or initiate Payroll or Batch Payments