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Recipients are the individual people or companies who is receiving the payment, debit or credit. Each Recipient is set up under Recipient Management. The user can access Recipient Management from the Commercial Main Menu or on the Recipient tab in the Payment & Templates workflow.

Display Name – Recipients are listed in alphabetical order based on the Display Name.

ACH Name – Required to initiate an ACH Payment. Up to 22 characters.

Wire Name – Required to initiate a Wire Transfer. Up to 35 characters.

ACH Class Code – The code indicating whether the Payment is to a person (PPD) or commercial (CCD) account. The ACH Class Code is important in determining which NACHA Rules apply. Note: A Template can only contain one ACH Class Code – either PPD or CCD Payments.

Send email notifications for template payments – Notifications are sent via email when a Payment is processed by the bank. The content of the notification only states that the transaction was processed and does not include any other details.

ACH Only – The Recipient will only receive ACH transactions.               

Wire Only – The Recipient will only receive Wire transfers.

ACH and Wire – The Recipient can receive both ACH and Wire transactions.