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Payments and Templates

Payments and Templates is a section that is combining multiple functions – creating a Template for future use and making an ACH Payment. From the main Payments and Templates page, users can select:
  • New Template – set up a Template to quickly pay Recipients
  • New Payment – to make a one-time Payment and not save the template
  • Use/Edit Existing Template – click the pencil icon
The workflow for each of these functions is the same:
  • Template – Used to name Template and grant access
  • Recipient & Amount – Used to pay individuals or companies (Recipients)
  • Subsidiary – Used to send Payment under another business name
  • Account – Used to select the account the funds will be deducted or deposited
  • Review & Submit – Used to review all Template information and Save. Used to Submit Payment information for processing.
The Effective Date is the day that the funds will affect the Recipient’s account. Credits can be sent up to two business days before the Effective Date and debits can be sent one business day before the Effective Date.

Same Day ACH will allow expedited ACH Payments on the same day they are Drafted/Approved. Strict timelines, amounts and fees will apply for Same Day ACH Payments.

Once the Template is created, users can quickly type in the amount of the payment and jump to Review & Submit in the workflow to Draft/Approve the Payment.

Note: Click Save on the Review & Submit tab if you are making changes to the Template. After clicking Save, select the Effective Date and Draft/Approve the Payment.
The primary account amount is read-only, but as you enter amounts in the secondary accounts, the primary account value adjusts to the total amount of the payment.