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Payment from File
The Payment From File feature allows you to upload either a NACHA formatted file (produced from your accounting software) or a 5-column Comma Separated Value (CSV) file to create ACH Payments, ACH Collections and Payroll transactions.
Payments in the file will utilize the following Standard Entry Class Codes:
  • PPD and CCD for ACH Payments and ACH Collections
  • PPD for Payroll transactions
To import a list of Recipients and Amounts from a 5-column CSF file, the CSV file must contain the following columns in the following order:
  • Recipient Name
  • 9-digit Routing Transit Number
  • Account Number
  • Account Type Indicator
    • Checking = 1
    • Savings = 2
  • Amount
The Recipient Name does not need to match an existing Recipient. The import uses the name and the order of the file to create Recipients and Amounts. You can include a Recipient multiple times to create multiple payments. The payments can be to the same account or different accounts.