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Online Activity
Online Activity displays all transactions created by each user.

Single Transactions – Lists all Single Transactions, including the next transaction in a Recurring series. Canceling a transaction in a Recurring Series on the Single Transactions tab will result in only that single transaction canceled. Cancel the whole series on the Recurring tab.

Recurring Transactions – When canceling a Recurring Transaction, cancel the transaction from the Recurring tab. Click Actions > Cancel Series. Canceling a Single transaction in a Recurring series will only cancel the next Single Transaction.

Transaction Status
  • Status = Transaction has been Drafted by user, but has not been Approved by an authorized user. This transaction will not be processed until it is Approved and the status is Authorized.
  • Authorized Status = Transaction has been Approved by the user and is waiting for bank processing. The user can cancel the transaction. Bank processing is completed after 4:00 pm Mountain Time.
  • Processed Status = Transaction has been Processed by the bank and the user cannot cancel the transaction.
Transactions cannot be approved after 4:00 pm on the Processed Date. If you have missed the 4:00 pm deadline, click Actions > Cancel and cancel the Drafted transaction. Then click Actions > Copy and select a new Effective Date on the Review & Submit tab. Another user can now Approve the transaction.
Use Filters to search for transactions created online and to save a Favorite search. After selecting a Transaction Type, ‘Columns to display’ can be edited.