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Account Preferences

Users can customize the following Account Preferences:
  • The display name for each account
    • Click on the current title of the account and edit the ‘Online Display Name’.
    • Clear out the ‘Online Display Name’ and the name will revert to the type of account label.
  • The order and organization of the accounts on the Home page
    • Create Groups on the Home page by dragging an account down to the lower right corner where a tray icon appears.
    • Once you have established Groups, drag and drop accounts into the Groups on the Home page or use the up and down arrows on the Account Preferences page.
    • Rename Groups on the Account Preferences page by clicking on the pencil icon next to the Group name.
    • Hide accounts from displaying on the Home page by changing the ‘Visibility’ under Account Preferences.
    • Change the ‘Visibility’ of Hidden Accounts at the bottom of the Account Preferences page.
  • Set the order of the accounts in drop-down menus such as Funds Transfers
    • The displayed order of accounts in certain drop-down menus will use the order from the Account Preferences screen.
  • SMS/Text Banking settings
    • Enroll accounts in Text Banking and edit the ‘SMS/Text Display Name’ on the Account Preferences Page. Display Names can only be four characters.