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New Account Checklist

Let us help you open an account at First Security Bank.

When you are establishing an account relationship with First Security Bank, there are many items to consider. Our new accounts professionals will assist you in finding the account that meets your financial needs. The following information and forms will provide further assistance and make the transition a little smoother.


Steps to take

  • Open a new account at First Security Bank before you close your old account.
  • Reconcile and balance your previous account for any outstanding transactions (checks, automatic transfers/payments, ATM or Visa Check Card transactions)
  • Identify outstanding electronic transactions*
    •  Automatic Payments
    •  Direct Deposits
    •  Online Banking Transactions – Internal and External Transfers, Bill Payments
      *See changing banks forms
  • Facilitate the transfer of electronic transactions. We have prepared a list of time frames for you to consider along with request forms.
  • Maintain sufficient funds in both old and new accounts.

Continue to monitor the activity on your old account. When all of the transactions have been transferred, close the account.
*See changing banks forms


Automatic Payments/Deposits Time Frames

The amount of time it takes to transfer an automatic payment or deposit varies, depending on the transaction type. For planning, use the following as a basic guide.

Automatic Deposits
Payroll 14-60 Days
Pension 60-90 Days
Social Security* 30-60 Days
Automatic Deposits
Mortgage 30-45 Days
Auto 39-90 Days
Insurance 30-60 Days
Utilities 30-60 Days
Cable 45-60 Days
Health Club 14-21 Days

*You may speed up your Social Security deposit transfers be contacting the Social Security Administration directly at 1-800-772-1213 before the 14th of the month.