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Top Ways to Improve Electronic Security

August 01, 2017

Feel like your life is surrounded by technology these days?  With the proliferation of smartphones, computers and fast-growing popularity of smart homes, it’s nearly impossible to avoid them in the Digital Age.  As those devices become more interconnected, the risk of information theft continues to grow.  Here are a few quick tips to help keep your information secure and the hackers out:

1. Keep your devices patched with the latest updates. 
It’s important to stay current with updates to provide protection from potential security risks, fix any bugs, and get the latest features.  Apple, Android, Microsoft and App Developers routinely issue software updates to fix software vulnerabilities.  If your device supports it, change your settings to automatically install these updates.  This applies to smartphones, tablets and personal computers.  If you choose to install these updates manually, periodically check your devices for available updates.

2. Use a passcode, PIN or fingerprint lock. 
Configure your device to automatically lock after a period of inactivity.  Requiring a passcode will help keep the bad guys out in case your device is lost or stolen.  A password-protected screen saver on your PC will automatically lock your computer and protect your information in case you leave it unattended.  Biometric controls, such as a fingerprint, are a convenient and fast way to unlock your device, log in to internet banking, and authenticate online or mobile payments.

3. Password protect your wifi network.  
An unprotected home wifi network is a welcome mat for would-be hackers to break in to your internet-connected devices.  A strong password helps ensure that only you and your family members are on your network.  Better yet, most wifi routers will allow you to ‘hide’ your wireless network SSID, making your network invisible to people that don’t know your network name.  You can still configure your devices to connect automatically – making this change seamless to you and a big improvement to your digital home security.

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