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Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit

Business customers can now take advantage First Security Bank’s remote deposit service – the quickest, most convenient way to make daily check deposits. Using a simple desktop scanner and software, Remote Deposit lets you scan, submit and deposit checks electronically, eliminating trips to the bank.

  • Reduces transportation time and costs – Physical trips to the bank are reduced or eliminated, saving time and gasoline, along with the need for expensive courier services.
  • Extends your business day – With deposits made from your office, there is no need to leave your business to reach the bank before it closes.
  • Provides automatic accounts receivable update – The system automatically outputs a transaction file for updating your accounts receivable records.
  • Consolidates banking relationships – The need for a local banking relationship for each business location is eliminated.
  • Easy to use – The system requires minimal training, and making deposits is as simple as pushing a few buttons.

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