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  • Easily pay bills on the go from your smartphone
  • Schedule future or recurring payments
  • Easily set up individuals or businesses as payees
  • Secure online environment
  • Account-to-Account transfers, so you can to easily transfer money to family members or other external accounts
  • Payment details are described on your bank statement
  • Pay one bill or many in just a few seconds
Enroll in BillPay through your online banking account - simply log in to your online account and fill out the request under "Other Services". 

BillPay is FREE with all checking accounts. 

Additional fee-based options:
  • Person-to-Person payments— faster than a check without requiring the recipient’s account number.
  • An additional tier of business services through Business BillPay or eSuite.
  • Rush payments.
  • Decorative gift checks for special occasions.

Online bill payment is a simple and convenient way to pay any individual or company. You create a list of companies to pay by choosing from the bank's master list or by adding a payee yourself.  Your list can be changed at any time. To make a payment, simply select the payee, enter the amount and the date you want the payment to arrive and click Send to submit.  No stamps and no trips to the mailbox! 


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