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Community Giving


First Security Bank is proud to sponsor events and fundraising efforts within the bank's service area.  A sponsorship is a marketing relationship with a non-profit organization which aligns with our giving philosophy. This philosophy is defined by the belief that Success. Together. starts in our backyard— local programs and events hosted by local organizations servicing local residents.

Special consideration is given to organizations serving youth; programs supporting low-income and at-risk groups; and those promoting health and education. The breadth of community impact and visibility of the program’s supporters are additional factors.   
The following requests are not within the scope of our sponsorship program:

  • For individuals, or for the benefit of a limited number of individuals
  • For political candidates, lobbying or advocacy organizations, or for any purpose of a controversial nature
  • From a third party to raise funds for another charity
  • For travel outside First Security Bank’s service area
  • From religious or sectarian organizations, except for programs with wide public impact
  • General operating expenses

First Security Bank’s United Way contribution is made as an unrestricted donation available through the United Way community investment process. We will take this into consideration when reviewing requests from United Way member agencies.

If you would like to submit a request for sponsorship, please contact the neighborhood branch nearest you.  Requests may also be emailed to

First Security Bank Foundation Grant Request Information

First Security Bank also supports the First Security Bank Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization.  The Foundation's mission is:  To help the Montana communities we serve through charitable contributions that support personal growth and economic development.  Efforts are focused on 501(c)3 organizations working in the communities served by First Security Bank.

The First Security Bank Foundation welcomes requests for capital campaigns and program support. Grant requests for general operating expenses, religious programs, political and fraternal organizations, programs supporting legislative action or for the benefit of an individual will not be considered.

If your organization would like to submit a request, please use the format outlined below. Applications will be considered in relation to key factors: support of the Foundation’s mission statement, community impact, program success, and financial stewardship. Grant requests are limited to one request per organization per year.


Request Format

1. Cover sheet listing:

  • Organization name
  • Name, phone number, and email address for contact person
  • Project title
  • Time period of project
  • Amount requested

Subsequent page (page 2)

2. Details of the project

  • Purpose
  • Those served by geographic area, demographic, socio-economic status and total number to benefit.  Please confirm that the geographic area is eligible for consideration.
  • Total budget

3. Brief description of organization

  • Year founded
  • Brief history, including past successes
  • Number of staff
  • Current (past 12 months) list of supporting corporations or foundations, with amount.
  • Please specify if you receive United Way funding.
  • Annual operating budget

Additional information

4. Current financial statement

5. Letter of 501(c)(3) determination


Completed applications may be sent via email or USPS to:

First Security Bank Foundation
P.O. Box 910
Bozeman, MT 59771

Phone: (406) 585-3800

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