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Non-Profit Organizations

Helping Non-profits Reach Their Goals

Working together, local non-profits and our neighbors make this community a true home. First Security Bank is proud to support non-profit organizations through donations and volunteerism. Equally important is experience in helping non-profits reach their goals - whether that is a new building to house community services or suggesting an appropriate deposit account.

When your organization is focused 110% on fulfilling the mission, everyday tasks can get in the way. Streamline with Remote Deposit or eSuite. Make donations convenient or support fundraising events by accepting credit cards. Provide an added layer of accountability through free online banking – allow a Board Treasurer to view eStatements, for example.  An Account Specialist can help you select the solutions your organization needs.

To open a checking account, documentation will be requested based on the type of organization:

Nonprofit Corporation
Unincorporated Organization