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Business Credit & Debit Cards

VISA® Credit Cards

Business Platinum or Rewards cards offer convenient management of business expenses.
  • Option to create individual limits on employee cards
  • Choose to Individual or Consolidated Payment set up - pay each card separately or one combined payment
  • Business name appears on each card
  • Competitive variable rates
Business credit card applications are available at your local branch.

VISA® Debit Cards

The First Security Bank VISA® Debit Card works like a check…only better. Use money from your checking account without writing a check. Business debit cards include the authorised user name and the business name, and the merchant name and amount will appear on your monthly bank statement for easy accounting.

Use your VISA® Debit Card anywhere you see the Interlink logo.


Contact an Account Specialist at your local branch for more information or to obtain our First Security Bank VISA® Debit or Credit card.