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Credit & Debit Cards

VISA® Credit Cards

Cards are available to First Security Bank customers with a loan or deposit account.


Whether you're looking for a Personal Platinum, Rewards, or Securedcredit card, we offer the card to fit your needs.  Each personal card offers:

  • 0% interest for the first 6 monthly billing cycles
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Low 1% conversion fee on foreign transactions
  • Online account access through your login
The power of VISA adds zero fraud liability, purchase security and extended protection, auto rental damage waiver, and $100,000 travel accident insurance.

Platinum card - Offers our best interest rates and no annual fee

Rewards card - 1 point earned per dollar, with bonus points on purchases made through PerksPoints Mall.  Redeem for discounted airfare with no blackout dates, or merchandise, gift cards, charitable donations, and more!  No annual fee.

Secured card - Establish or rebuild credit history with a credit line backed by a security deposit.  $25 annual fee.

Apply Today!  Application is for Personal cards only.


Business Platinum or Rewards cards offer convenient management of business expenses.

  • Option to create individual limits on employee cards
  • Choose to Individual or Consolidated Payment set up - pay each card separately or one combined payment
  • Business name appears on each card
  • Competitive variable rates
Business credit card applications are available at your local branch.

VISA® Debit Cards

The First Security Bank VISA® Debit Card works like a check…only better. It lets you use money from your checking account without writing a check. Simply use the card at merchants that accept VISA®. They will process the transaction like any other VISA® transaction – you will sign a receipt and the merchant name and amount will appear on your monthly bank statement.

The First Security Bank VISA® Debit Card has the added benefit that it is tied to the Interlink network and will allow you to make purchases and get cash back by entering the personal identification number (PIN) assigned to your card.

Contact a Customer Service Representatives at your local branch for more information or to obtain our First Security Bank VISA® Debit or Credit card.


Verified By VISA®

First Security Bank is a participating bank in the Verified by VISA® program.


What is Verified by VISA®?

Verified by VISA® protects your existing VISA® card with a personal password, giving you reassurance that only you can use your VISA® card when making purchases from participating merchants online.


How does it work?

When you make a purchase online from a participating merchant you will be asked to enter your Verified by VISA® password after you have entered your card number and hit the submit button. If you have not established a password, you will be taken through the enrollment process. If you do not choose to enroll, you will not be allowed to purchase merchandise from that merchant.

Once your card is activated, your card number will be recognized whenever you make purchases at participating online stores. You'll enter your password in the Verified by VISA® window, your identity will be verified, and the transaction will be completed. In stores that are not yet participating in Verified by VISA®, your VISA® card will continue to work as usual.

Which stores participate in the Verified by VISA® program?
Look for the Verified by VISA® symbol displayed at many participating online merchants, or look at the list of Verified By VISA® Merchants.


How do I enroll?

Click here to Enroll on the Verified by VISA® site or you can wait until you are purchasing merchandise from one of the participating merchants and you will be taken through the enrollment process.

For more information, contact your local branch.


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Declined Debit Card Transactions

If you are traveling and your debit card is declined, please ask the merchant to try the card again using your PIN rather than signature for verification.

A PIN-based transaction is much less likely to be fraudulent, while signatures may be easily forged or not checked at all by a retailer. When the bank is alerted to possible fraud, a temporary solution is to allow only PIN-based purchases until we can reach you and discuss next steps.

For more information, please contact an Account Specialist.

Lost debit card?

To cancel a lost or stolen Visa Debit or ATM card after hours:


Lost credit card?

To cancel a lost First Security Bank Visa Credit Card, or to order a replacement: