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Business Loans

Financing your business is much easier than you think! We have designed our business loans and lines of credit tailored for every type of business. You may start the process with an application, and bringing it to you meeting with a commercial lender.


Lines of Credit

We offer a number of options to help your business cash flow, when you need it.


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Business Revolving Lines of Credit

First Security Bank offers account and inventory financing to businesses. The primary source of repayment for this type of loan is the conversion of the accounts and/or inventory to cash.

We also offer revolving lines of credit for business working capital and operating expenses. Simply write a check from your business checking account and you'll automatically have the funds you need.

For more detailed information on rates, terms, collateral options and additional services, please visit with one of our Commercial Lenders


Business Overdraft Protection

First Security Bank offers an overdraft loan protection to its business checking customers desiring such protection. This line is tied directly to the business checking account.

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Equipment Term Loans

First Security Bank offers term loans with a variety of collateral options to companies or individuals that have demonstrated or projected cash flow to service the debt.

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Commercial Real Estate Term Loans

First Security Bank offers real estate term loans for the purpose of purchasing or refinancing commercial real estate.

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Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans

Small Business Administration Loans are extended by the bank with the guarantee of the federal government. This type of loan enables your business to obtain secured financing when conventional collateral or terms might not be available. First Security Bank, as a Preferred SBA Lender, may be able to approve your SBA loan right here at our bank.


Contact a commercial lender for more information on a business loan. Please do not send sensitive financial information via e-mail. Thank you.

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